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Weird behavior for matrix created with Array.fill()

I was using JavaScript for completing some Leetcode challenges and I got some pretty weird behavior.

I tried to create a matrix (a two-dimension array, or array of arrays), initialize it with false and then use it in some backtracking problem. I did something like this:

// Initialize a 3x4 matrix with "false" values.
const matrix = Array(3).fill(Array(4).fill(false))

// some stringify to capture the actual values at this point of the execution

// set middle value to true
matrix[1][1] = true


And my console prints this:

  [false, false, false, false],
  [false, false, false, false],
  [false, false, false, false],
  ([false, true, false, false],
  [false, true, false, false],
  [false, true, false, false])

Wait, what? If I only set the value at 1,1 to true, why am I getting changed values in the whole column?

Well, this is because the parameter passed to Array.fill() is not really a callback. It only gets evaluated once, and its used for filling all the elements in the array.

So, in this case, we have only two arrays. The array A (Array(3)), which has 3 elements, and array B (Array(4)) which has 4 elements.

Array(4) creates array B, and B is passed as parameter to the Array(3).fill(B).

To be clearer, this is what we are actually doing, broken into more steps:

const B = Array(4).fill(false)
const A = Array(3).fill(B)
const matrix = A

As we can see, we're filling A with the same reference of B, three times. Any changes to B will be reflected in each element of A.

How do we fix it?

Try this instead:

const matrix = Array(3)
  .map((el) => Array(4).fill(false))

This will create array A, and then use the map function to call Array(4).fill(false) once per each element of A, generating new arrays for each one.

Looking back at why the problem happened, it seems pretty obvious. However, when I was puzzled when it first happened, and I couldn't find any example of anyone else doing the same.

Hope this helps other people.

PS. Happy birthday, USA!

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